How can I get my employees access to their computers from home?

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May 1, 2020

How can I get my employees access to their computers from home?

We have four options available to help facilitate working from home (teleworking) for you and your business.

Option 1: Work with us to deploy access via our (free) internal tools

Pro Cloud Solutions LLC utilizes the Ninja remote management and monitoring tool to properly maintain and monitor all of our clients' computers and servers. This tool has a built in utility, called Splashtop, that allows us to grant access to individual computers to a certain staff member with their own unique login and password. It also utilizes multi-factor authentication and requires a strong password, two of our six strongly recommended cybersecurity practices that you should follow. We offer this to our clients at no additional charge and could replace a tool like GoToMyPC.

Option 2: Work with us to deploy access via a VPN

If utilizing our platform is not something that you want to pursue, we have a multitude of other tools in our arsenal that can help you. We can leverage a tool like OpenVPN Access Server to provision access securely into your corporate network, or tap into your existing company firewall to deploy their integrated VPN solution to do the same. Multi-factor authentication can be implemented in this setup as well.

Option 3: Work with us to go through and lock down your existing setup

If you already have something in place to allow your staff to work from home, we can audit this setup for you and help improve your security posture. We want to keep your data safe and improve your productivity.

Option 4: Migrate your data to the cloud

We can move your data to a highly available cloud environment reducing dependence on your office network and instead allowing staff to have reliable access to the data from anywhere in the world. Garden State Computing is a Microsoft Silver Cloud Solutions Provider with a competency in small and mid-market cloud solutions. We are also partners with RingCentral and Nextiva for cloud phone service and also Dropbox for cloud file storage.

Please contact us via phone or via our website if you are interested in working with us! We are standing by to help you with any and all needs you have.

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